Top 6 Tips to Keep your Spring Garden Looking Beautiful

Do you have a spring garden that you would want to keep in shape? Do you want it to stay green and looking beautiful? Then the following spring gardening tips will definitely be of help to you:

  1. Clean it regularly – Ensure that your spring garden is free of any debris, including leftover snow and leaves. It is also important to remove weeds. Make sure that you remove the roots of the weeds to prevent them from growing back. To make it easier for you to clean your spring garden, sharpen your garden tools and equipment from time to time. Such is crucial in proper soil care and plant maintenance.
  2. Survey your yard – Take note of any tree limbs that you need to remove. If you have large trees, then consider hiring an expert arborist for proper maintenance. Another tip is to cut down the perennial foliage last year. It is also essential to check pathways, steps, and fences for any damage caused by thawing and freezing.
  3. Prune shrubs and trees – Get rid of all the diseased, damaged, and dead branches coming from your woody plants. As for shrubs that usually bloom in the summer, like hydrangea, some roses, and butterfly bush, you need to trim them down and keep them thin. Pruning shrubs and trees that bloom during the spring after flowering is also a vital tip to maintaining the excellent condition of your spring garden.


  1. Prepare new plant beds – Once you notice that you can start working on the soil again, make it a point to clear your planting area. In this case, you have to remove debris, weeds, and sod. You can then prepare the new plant beds by spreading a well-rotted manure or compost – around 4-inch layer then cultivate it using a spading fork. The depth should be around ten to twelve inches.


  1. Fertilize – One of the most important spring gardening tips is to fertilize. Make sure that you apply balanced fertilizer, any recommended soil amendments, and fish emulsion into your soil. Put it around shrubs and trees, especially if you notice that there is a new growth. For shrubs that thrive on acid, such as camellias and azaleas, it is a must to apply pine-needle mulch and fertilizers with high amount of acid.


  1. Trim old plants – If you have plants that survived from the winter season, then you need to prune them so they can grow again this spring. However, ensure that you do this in the middle of April or May so you will know whether an unexpected freeze will happen. For summer plants, consider pruning them during the early spring.

With the tips mentioned in this article, your spring garden will surely thrive and give you the best view, blooms, and harvests possible.



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