Top Gadgets to Bring on Your Next Vacation

Gadgets make life easier and more enjoyable – qualities that everyone looks for during their holiday. Here are gadgets to take note of when planning for your next trip.


Smartphones are quite multi functional that if you’re a minimalist, all you need is to bring one and you’re all set to go on holiday. Choose a smartphone with a camera that has at least 5 megapixels for taking decent pictures and don’t forget to download apps for dining recommendations, translator, currency converter, road trip stops, and others. It’s also a good idea to download movies or eBooks so you can keep yourself entertained while on the way to someplace.


Immortalize your vacation memories by taking photos of the people, landscapes, and other unique sights. For most, smartphone cameras are adequate, especially if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active or an LG G4 but there is something to be said about the quality of pictures taken using an actual camera, particularly a DSLR.

Flash drive

Take tons of photos without worrying about storage space by bringing a flash drive with you. It’s a good device to have as a backup up in case you can’t connect to the internet to access your cloud account or if you like taking lots of videos, especially if you want to blog your trip.


Chargers are a must if you’re going to use your smartphone for different purposes. They’re even more important if you’re planning to bring several gadgets. Nowadays, chargers come in various forms depending on your needs and where you’re traveling to, such as USB wall chargers, USB car chargers, case battery packs, and portable battery packs.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Being on the road could limit your access to the internet, which could be a problem if you need to get some work done or if you want to upload your pictures to your cloud account right away. Bringing a mobile hotspot solves these problems.


Headphones or earphones are great for traveling because they can help drown out unwanted noise either on the plane or in a crowded area. They’re also perfect for listening to relaxing sounds to get you into full vacation mode. Select headphones that are portable and preferably wireless so you won’t have to deal with tangled cords, and choose the best quality brand you can afford.

Wireless portable speaker

If you’re traveling with the family or with friends, it’s a good idea to bring a wireless portable speaker so you can party or chill out with music just about anywhere.


Avoid getting sick from drinking water from unknown sources with the use of a Steripen, a gadget that can sterilize water in just a few seconds. This can also help you save on the costs of buying bottled water and is good for the environment to boot.


Cross some books off your bucket list by reading their eBook versions while you’re on holiday. Excellent for reading anywhere and anytime, e-readers are light, portable, and can store thousands of titles so you’ll never have to worry about running out of reading material.


Unless you’re going on vacation to specifically disconnect from electronics, bringing gadgets on your trip ensures that you’ll have a fun and pleasant holiday.


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